The Best Whovian Birthday Party Ever

Game Asylum is known for throwing the Best Birthday Parties ever, but it is rare that we get to provide this service to teenagers. When our Party Heroes heard that they would be attending Jacob’s 13th birthday with a killer game selection to boot, they were excited.

When our Party Hero Th3 Doctor found out that Jacob was a huge Doctor Who fan (the origin of her namesake) she took it upon herself to personalize the party to be the best birthday it could be for Jacob.

The middle TV of the Game Asylum trailer is usually used to play music from the game Just Dance while the kids play on the other TV’s. For Jacob’s party Th3 Doctor decided to sneakily ask his mother what his favourite Doctor Who episode was and play it on the middle TV. When Jacob entered the trailer, he instantly knew which episode it was and got pretty excited about the experience.

The trailer lights are usually set to glow “Game Asylum Green”, but for it to be the Best Birthday Ever for Jacob, Th3 Jester changed them to “Doctor Who Blue”.

To add to the party even more, Th3 Doctor and Th3 Jester dressed up as characters from Doctor Who that Jacob instantly recognized upon their arrival. Not only did Jacob seem impressed, but his parents were also amused by the Party Heroes outfits, being Doctor Who fans as well.

The party itself had the boys playing Halo spanning across 2 TV’s, killing zombies in Left For Dead, and splashing paint at their friends with giant paint rollers in Splatoon. Eventually, the new Super Smash game got put on, and Jacob took on his role as King of the Trailer. The other boys thought they were too cool to have items turned on, but Jacob knew better and turned them all on. It was insanity in the Game Asylum trailer as the boys fought with giant swords, pokeballs, and even chickens!  One round has Th3 Jester and Th3 Doctor versus the boys, and although our Party Heroes fought well, they were no match for Jacob and his friends.

It really was The Best Birthday Party Ever; for Jacob, his friends, and even Th3 Jester and Th3 Doctor who had the privilege of being there for the ride.