Th3 Jester

Th3 Jester is the oldest and longest standing member of the Game Asylum team. If you mention to a child around the tri-cities a “tall skinny guy driving the Game Asylum truck” they will probably remember him.

Th3 Jester is all about goofy fun and games, hence his name. His mother was a trapease artist on The Moon and his father was a ventriloquist, inspiring him to pursue a similar path. He can balance things on his face, impersonate even the most difficult of accents, and juggle up to 10 flaming swords at once. While this might seem fun and entertaining to the average onlooker, Th3 Jester takes his skills very seriously. He trained for 15 years growing up in the mountains of Japan, perfecting his balance and agility. At 2 years of age, he had already matched his teachers best time at ball balancing. The only reason he didn’t surpass it, was because he needed a diaper change.

As a Party Commander, Th3 Jester knows better than anyone how to get kids engaged. He can make any game, regardless of style or age, fun. His favourites are the racing games, such as Blur and Mario Kart and Diddy Kong is his racer of choice in the lather. He is also a professional Minecrafter, and errs on the side of destruction in his play style. He finds fun in the idea of blowing up his fellow Party Heroes’ houses – a true Jester if there ever was one.

Th3 Jester also has extensive knowledge of the Game Asylum equipment, and once had to shrink down to microscopic size to go inside one of the Xbox360’s and repair a loose connection. Unfortunately, when he returned to normal size, the machine accidently stretched him out a bit, hence his current tall skinny appearance. He still regards the experience as a positive one, as now he can reach higher up than any other Hero, and fit into the narrowest of spaces.

Game Asylum is all about bringing our customers the Best Birthday Parties ever, and the fun and shenanigans that Th3 Jester brings along with him to every party that he attends become a massive part of that experience – for children and parents alike.

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