Game Asylum Party Themes

Our party themes are focused on fun!

Each of our 6 party themes are interactive and exciting. From the moment we pull up to your house, our Party Heroes lead your party peeps on a crazy adventure. Bonus points are awarded for sportsmanshipcelebration dances (after any kind of achievement i.e. craziest wipe out), silly cheers and anything and everything that gets the party goers laughing and being silly!

  • Minecraft Party
  • Pokemon
  • NHL 15
  • Undead
  • Super Mario World
  • Mixer

Party Theme Details

Get the details on Game Asylum party themes below.

Minecraft Party
Game(s): Minecraft
Asylum Rating: Ages 7-16

If you can dream it, you can build it! Our Asylum Craft theme fully immerses the players in the blocked world of Minecraft. They can mine, hunt, build, and fend off the evil Creepers and Endermen. Players also have the option of participating in our elite Minecraft Scavenger Hunt for the chance to set the new record! Whether you play creative or survival, travel to the End to slay the vicious Enderdragon, track down the Wither deep in the heart of the Nether, or mine for precious gemstones underground, there is something for everyone to do in Minecraft.

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Great for team parties!
NHL Legacy Edition (’16)
Asylum Rating: Ages 7-16+

Image four Air Canada Centres all under one roof, hosting 8 NHL teams in a massive tournament for the chance to win the glory of the Asylum Cup – our own stainless steel replica of Lord Stanley’s Cup. This program delivers exactly that. All players are randomly paired in teams of 2 and select their very own hockey team to verse their competitors. This round robin style tournament shuffles teams around so that they get the chance to face off against every player. Teamwork, sportsmanship, and wicked celebration dances are all highly emphasized and help players gather points towards winning the Asylum Cup. We also promise a bonus, secret activity during intermission!

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Super Mario World
Great for younger gamers!
Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. U, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Party 9, Super Mario 3D World
Asylum Rating: Ages 5-8

With Super Asylum World the turtle shells and banana peels will be flying! Players compete in a four-game tournament of the best Mario Games! From the screeching of wheels on asphalt, to the epic faceoff between Link and Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros, this program is packed with classic fun and excitement! Party Heroes encourage teamwork, good sportsmanship, and wicked victory dances!

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Brand new theme!
Game(s): Pokken Tournament, Pokepark 2, Pokemon RumbleU, Super Smash Bros WiiU
Asylum Rating: Ages 6-16

Do you have what it takes to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Well then prove it, with our brand new Pokéasylum theme! Assemble your team of Pokémon across an array of games and battle against 15 of your closest friends to become the Ultimate Pokéasylum Master! Discover all your favourite fighters in Pokémon Rumble U, test out their skills across an array of crazy mini-games in Pokepark 2, and finally go head to head in the all new HD gaming experience for the WiiU – Pokkén Tournament. Or, if one vs. one isn’t your style, face off in the 8 player mega-brawl arenas of SmashBros WiiU. If there’s one thing that every aspiring Pokéasylum Master knows, it’s that you “Gotta play em all”!

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Game(s): Choose any 4 games from our massive collection.
Asylum Rating: Ages 5-16+

This is the most hectic Game Asylum party program. We let you choose your 4 favourite games and we assemble a program specifically tailored to you! Think you can dance? We’ve got you covered with over 100 Just Dance songs! Want everyone in the trailer playing one giant game together? We can link all 4 TV’s in a massive 16 player Halo arena! Our Party Heroes will guide you through whatever crazy combination of games that you chose. The sky’s the limit!

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Great for teenage gamers!
Game(s): Halo 4*, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2*, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2*, Plants vs. Zombies
Asylum Rating: Ages 10-16+

Braaaaaaaaaains! In the Undead Asylum, zombies have invaded the trailer! Players will play a variety of games where they can shoot, stab, punch, and takedown those walking dead! Your party will be full of on the edge of your seat anticipation as players fight to survive and protect the last remaining humans to save mankind.

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* = ESRB rating of Mature (17+)
^ = ESRB rating of Teen (13+)