Th3 Phoenix

Like others of her kind, Th3 Phoenix was born from the ashes. The ashes of The Game Asylum Phoenix however, were 8-bit pixelated ones, and at the foot of a gigantic Mario volcano.

From a very early age, Th3 Phoenix realized that she had a gift unlike any of her friends; Her powers over fire not only affected the real world – but the video games that she played as well. Mario games seemed especially vulnerable to her attacks. When Th3 Phoenix acquired a fire flower in Mario Kart and used it on those ahead of her, their karts spun out of control, caught fire, and disintegrated around them – disqualifying them from the race! When she played Mario 3D world, Bowser ran from her character in fear. Even the king of evil in the Mario Kingdom knows when he is outmatched.

During her interview for Game Asylum, Th3 Phoenix demonstrated her insane gaming abilities and beat her interviewer so badly that the Wii they were playing on caught fire. She was hired on the spot.

Phoenix has been working at Game Asylum for years now, and she knows everything there is to know about how to do the job, and have fun while doing it. She also loves NHL, and always beats the boys who underestimate her abilities. During team parties, she can be heard above even the loudest of players cursing the referees and egging on her teammates.

If you’re lucky, Th3 Phoenix will school you in the ways of Mario Fire Power and Ultimate Hockey Hero strategy. Just make sure you’re wearing fireproof gloves when gaming with her or things might get too hot to handle – literally!

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