Minecraft Party Surprise!

The Game Asylum trailer is quite the sight to behold when it pulls up – a 50 foot trailer with the massive, bright green “Game Asylum” logo along the side. Party Heroes are very used to pulling up to screaming and waving.

The very best reactions however, come when Game Asylum is called in for a surprise party. This past Friday was one of those parties.

Th3 Doctor and Th3 Brawler set everything up in the trailer (Minecraft across the board) and came to get the kids in the house. Th3 Doctor asked the kids if they were ready to do some ALGEBRA, to which the kids looked mildly terrified. Luckily, Brawler came in to save the day with our Ender Dragon Abby, and Eddy the Friendly Creeper, letting the kids know that we were ACTUALLY going to play Minecraft in the trailer for 2 hours to celebrate Emma’s birthday!! (Tramadol)

When the door of the trailer swung open, there were audible gasps and shrieks from players, and they rushed in as fast as they possibly could. Emma was a huge Minecraft fan, so it lined all 4 TV’s in the trailer and the kids got to work.

Th3 Doctor issued them all a challenge: Find all the flowers in the game. There are now 15 different kinds of flowers in Minecraft so this was no easy task. One of the girls got lucky and found a giant tulip field. Others had to scour the land a lot harder.

Once a few of them had found all the flowers, the girls wanted a new challenge so Th3 Doctor busted out some Pixel Art designs for the kids to tackle. They jumped on the challenge and by the end of the party, they had created giant pixelated versions of Yoshi, A Minion, a Nyan Cat and even a 3D wolf! Much to Th3 Doctor’s delight, one boy even created a Minecraft TARDIS, from the show Doctor Who where she got her Hero name.

A spectacular Minecraft party for the ages!