Crazy Good Party

Twin’s parties are known to be extra crazy and fun by everyone at Game Asylum and Jenaya and Jinoi’s party was no exception.

Jenaya and her friends quickly monopolized the Minecraft TV and started an intense house building competition amongst themselves. With the new Minecraft update, the girls were able to build houses that change colour and plant flower types they had only have seen on their computers previously.

While this was going on, Jinoi and his friends started a crazy game of Fifa. Jinoi’s friend took on the other 3 boys on the TV and the twin’s father decided to get in on the action. With dad in the mix, Jinoi and his buddy were able to defeat their other crazy friend who immediately demanded a rematch when the game ended.

Meanwhile, Jenaya and her friends started a dance competition on the middle of the trailer. 4 of the girls would dance, and one would be the judge, who would determine a “dance champion” each round and tell them why they rocked. The girls showed off their crazy moves, and Th3 Doctor even got in on a few rounds, usually losing to one of the much more skilled dance participants.

Jenoi and a few of his friends had attended a Game Asylum party in the past, and Th3 Doctor and Th3 Avenger were both in attendance. Now, at this party, the kids had a second chance to take on Th3 Avenger at Call Of Duty and Smash bros (he did well in Call Of Duty, but lost to charmander in Smash), and yell along with Th3 Doctor throughout the party. Th3 Doctor is known for bringing out the crazy in kids across the tri cities, and this party was no exception. The boys were raging out so hard over Call Of Duty at one point, that she even had to get them to do breathing exercises to calm down. By the end of the party, the trailer was exhausted and ready for pizza, which was waiting for them in the house.

An amazing, crazy, fabulous party all round.