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Trolling and Teamwork

    Teamwork is something that we emphasize heavily at Game Asylum.     Anyone can sit in front of a TV and play video games, but at Game Asylum, we want to get kids working together – whatever the style they choose to work together may be. For James and his friends, they showed […]

Zombie Party: Hardcore Mode

All zombie parties are not created equal. Obviously, having Game Asylum at ones zombie themed birthday party helps out a whole lot, but before the trailer shows up, party guests can be participating in a wide variety of activities. Those activities don’t HAVE to include preparation for the zombie apocalypse, but they really should. Wesley […]

Shamus & His NHL All Stars

    Hockey teams are guaranteed chaos for Game Asylum, and often have our Party Heroes playing referee to 4 NHL games at once.     This past Friday night, Th3 Doctor and Th3 Phoenix were called out to celebrate Shamus’s birthday, along with his entire hockey team. The Game Asylum trailer can accommodate up […]

Call of Duty Chaos

Call of Duty is a game that tends to get requested by those birthday boys and girls in the double digits. It is a maturely rated game that involves a lot of shooting and violence, but also allows kids to develop their gaming skills in a unique and fast paced atmosphere along with their friends. […]

Minecraft Party Surprise!

The Game Asylum trailer is quite the sight to behold when it pulls up – a 50 foot trailer with the massive, bright green “Game Asylum” logo along the side. Party Heroes are very used to pulling up to screaming and waving. The very best reactions however, come when Game Asylum is called in for […]

Crazy Good Party

Twin’s parties are known to be extra crazy and fun by everyone at Game Asylum and Jenaya and Jinoi’s party was no exception. Jenaya and her friends quickly monopolized the Minecraft TV and started an intense house building competition amongst themselves. With the new Minecraft update, the girls were able to build houses that change […]

Minecraft Murder

    When Th3 Doctor and Th3 Patronus opened the door for Adam and his friends, there was a mad dash for Minecraft. The boys were clearly skilled at the game, and established that they wanted to build a combat arena pretty quickly.     Th3 Doctor, using her Minecraft powers, went through the saved […]

Mario Party Chaos

Braving the blowing snow and bumpy roads, The Doctor and The Avenger made their way out to Nathan’s Mario themed birthday party. Donning their Mario and Luigi hats, they led the excited kids into the truck after a long day of school. Within minutes, there was a massive game of Super Smash Bros going on, […]


Spitfire has, and always will be all about the crazy classics. She’s always up for a game of Mario Kart, and will kick anyone’s butt in Super Smash Bros that dares to cross her. Her favourite video game character of all time however, is Ganandorf. For a lover of all things Link and Zelda related, […]