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Hockey Havoc

It is rare to come across a group of 11 year old boys who not only play and enjoy hockey games – but dance games as well. This was exactly the case this past Tuesday when The Doctor and The Avenger attended Brett’s 12th birthday celebrations. Game Asylum is all about having fun, being crazy, […]

Th3 Phoenix

Like others of her kind, Th3 Phoenix was born from the ashes. The ashes of The Game Asylum Phoenix however, were 8-bit pixelated ones, and at the foot of a gigantic Mario volcano. From a very early age, Th3 Phoenix realized that she had a gift unlike any of her friends; Her powers over fire […]

Th3 Jester

Th3 Jester is the oldest and longest standing member of the Game Asylum team. If you mention to a child around the tri-cities a “tall skinny guy driving the Game Asylum truck” they will probably remember him. Th3 Jester is all about goofy fun and games, hence his name. His mother was a trapease artist […]

Adventures in Lucas Land

Sometimes at Game Asylum, we get requests for something special. Our Party Heroes are not only fantastic at their jobs, but also fantastic at accommodating for special requests. In the case of Lucas and his Minecraft party – he wanted to be challenged. Lucky for him, his mother booked Game Asylum and in doing so, […]

Banana Minecraft Mania

Tuesdays are always a busy day at Game Asylum. When gamers come running home after a busy day and our giant fun filled video game trailer is there waiting for them, they often can’t wait to hop aboard – especially when the trailer contains enough Minecraft to have the boys thinking in blocks for days […]