Trolling and Teamwork

    Teamwork is something that we emphasize heavily at Game Asylum.

    Anyone can sit in front of a TV and play video games, but at Game Asylum, we want to get kids working together – whatever the style they choose to work together may be.

For James and his friends, they showed off their teamwork skills with some classic survival Minecraft exploration. The boys at his party mined all over their world, stuck together when they needed to and went out on their own when it called for it as well. Eventually they found red-stone, lapis, and gold. Such is the power of teamwork between friends. Who knows if the boys would have been so successful sitting at home playing the game by themselves.

Two other boys were playing Mario 3D World together on another tv and demonstrating some of the strangest teamwork our Party Heroes had ever seen.

One of the boys was a skilled veteran at the game, and the other had never played before. At some points, the game forced them to work together and at these points the boys excelled. However, at every opportunity the boys sabotaged each other’s game. Usually this would phase our Party Heroes, but these boys seemed to work better together when they could “troll” each other into oblivion.

Mario 3D is a great game that emphasizes teamwork and working together for certain goals. However, it is also extremely easy to sabotage your teammates, making it very tempting to do so – especially for 8 year olds who go to school together.

When one of our Party Heroes tried to join the game, the boys turned their wrath on her. Instead of trolling each other, they started picking up her character and throwing her off cliffs! It didn’t take long for her to rage quit, which made the boys laugh even harder than when they were killing her in the game.

All in all, a party that emphasized teamwork – in all its strange and crazy shapes and forms.

Zombie Party: Hardcore Mode

All zombie parties are not created equal.

Obviously, having Game Asylum at ones zombie themed birthday party helps out a whole lot, but before the trailer shows up, party guests can be participating in a wide variety of activities. Those activities don’t HAVE to include preparation for the zombie apocalypse, but they really should.

Wesley and his friends were told to meet him in the garage (fueling station) where they had pizza and drinks ready to distribute. It takes a lot of energy to fight off a zombie horde and the boys knew this. When Th3 Doctor arrived with the Game Asylum trailer ready to go, she briefed the boys on the dire zombie situation outside and instructed them to yell if they saw a zombie, in hopes of converting it to fight on the side of good.

Just as she was finishing the briefing, a zombie breached the garage and the boys yelled as loud as they could, eventually converting the zombie back into Th3 Avenger, who helped out with the rest of the battle.

Westley and his friends were zombie experts. The second they got inside the trailer, they were fighting the good fight in COD zombies and Halo flood. The boys were teaming up and working together like the world depended on it (which it did) and the Enclave Leader (aka Wesley) and his partner for the evening were fighting the hardest of them all in Left 4 Dead 2. The zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 run when they see you. They have special abilities depending on what kind of zombie they are. There is even a zombie that looks like a little girl crying that will knock you out in you startle her. Such a crazy zombie game took some crazy good shooting skills from the boys, and they worked their way through the entire Dark Carnival mission in the game. Then, on the final boss chapter, Wesley’s best friend and comrade ditched him for the helicopter. Wesley perished, but his friend survived, apologizing profusely.

Wesley swore up and down that if the REAL zombie apocalypse happened that HE would survive. One thing is for sure though – after such an amazing zombie fighting birthday party – Wesley and his friends will be very well prepared for the real thing.


Shamus & His NHL All Stars

    Hockey teams are guaranteed chaos for Game Asylum, and often have our Party Heroes playing referee to 4 NHL games at once.

    This past Friday night, Th3 Doctor and Th3 Phoenix were called out to celebrate Shamus’s birthday, along with his entire hockey team. The Game Asylum trailer can accommodate up to 16 kids all playing at once, but Shamus had a few extra friends, which just added to the chaos. While most of the boys played NHL 15, 4 boys on the center TV raced through the intense streets of the Blur universe, adding car sounds to the hockey sounds that filled the trailer.

    Later on in the party, the boys loaded up the Winter Classic, and played some intense NHL games in the virtual snow. Shamus dubbed himself “King of the Trash Talk” on top of his Party Hero given title “King of the Trailer”, and boy did he ever take his title seriously!

From pulling the other teams goalie, to trash talking his team to victory, Shamus made sure that everyone knew that he was king for the day. It is every birthday boy or girls right to take full command of their Game Asylum party, and it was awesome to see Shamus doing so.

For the awards ceremony, the boys cheered loud and proud for their team mates, often hugging and patting each other on the back after each award was announced. NHL and hockey teams go together like peanut butter and jelly, and after such a high energy party, the boys were amped up and more than a little proud of their accomplishments.

Group photos were more than a little bit nuts as well, and made for some memories that will no doubt last Shamus and his family for a lifetime. May his NHL pursuits continue to be successful, and full of trash talk!

Call of Duty Chaos

Call of Duty is a game that tends to get requested by those birthday boys and girls in the double digits. It is a maturely rated game that involves a lot of shooting and violence, but also allows kids to develop their gaming skills in a unique and fast paced atmosphere along with their friends.

This weekend, Domenic invited Game Asylum along for his 13th birthday and Call of Duty was on everyone’s mind.

Because it was a smaller party with 7 boys, Th3 Jester was able to hook 4 of the TV’s into one giant trailer wide game. Each Call of Duty screen can host 2 players, so the boys had lots of room to watch the action unfold on their respective TVs.

Domenic was well versed in Call of Duty etiquette, and put his friends (and Th3 Jester) through many of the game’s unique play modes. From Gun Game; a mode where you get better and better guns every time you make a kill, to Domination; where the boys captured flags and held their ground in 2 teams.

The real highlight of the party however, was when Domenic decided to let the boys go completely nuts and hosted a massive free-for-all game to 100 kills. A half hour of button mashing and trigger pulling later, the birthday boy and one of his friends were leading the pack, with their scores separated by a mere 6 kills. Domenic, being the skilled Call of Duty player that he is, got to 99 kills and then stopped. He wanted to show off his 360 No-Scoping trick shot and had to line it up properly.

In the time it took for Domenic to line up the shot however, his friend caught up in points and ultimately won the game. The other boys went NUTS.

Th3 Doctor announced to the boys that in Call of Duty, you should “Never Give Up Your Dreams of Glory” which led to even more yelling and laughing.

It’s always nice when you can learn life lessons from a Game Asylum Party Hero… and Call of Duty.

Minecraft Party Surprise!

The Game Asylum trailer is quite the sight to behold when it pulls up – a 50 foot trailer with the massive, bright green “Game Asylum” logo along the side. Party Heroes are very used to pulling up to screaming and waving.

The very best reactions however, come when Game Asylum is called in for a surprise party. This past Friday was one of those parties.

Th3 Doctor and Th3 Brawler set everything up in the trailer (Minecraft across the board) and came to get the kids in the house. Th3 Doctor asked the kids if they were ready to do some ALGEBRA, to which the kids looked mildly terrified. Luckily, Brawler came in to save the day with our Ender Dragon Abby, and Eddy the Friendly Creeper, letting the kids know that we were ACTUALLY going to play Minecraft in the trailer for 2 hours to celebrate Emma’s birthday!!

When the door of the trailer swung open, there were audible gasps and shrieks from players, and they rushed in as fast as they possibly could. Emma was a huge Minecraft fan, so it lined all 4 TV’s in the trailer and the kids got to work.

Th3 Doctor issued them all a challenge: Find all the flowers in the game. There are now 15 different kinds of flowers in Minecraft so this was no easy task. One of the girls got lucky and found a giant tulip field. Others had to scour the land a lot harder.

Once a few of them had found all the flowers, the girls wanted a new challenge so Th3 Doctor busted out some Pixel Art designs for the kids to tackle. They jumped on the challenge and by the end of the party, they had created giant pixelated versions of Yoshi, A Minion, a Nyan Cat and even a 3D wolf! Much to Th3 Doctor’s delight, one boy even created a Minecraft TARDIS, from the show Doctor Who where she got her Hero name.

A spectacular Minecraft party for the ages!

Crazy Good Party

Twin’s parties are known to be extra crazy and fun by everyone at Game Asylum and Jenaya and Jinoi’s party was no exception.

Jenaya and her friends quickly monopolized the Minecraft TV and started an intense house building competition amongst themselves. With the new Minecraft update, the girls were able to build houses that change colour and plant flower types they had only have seen on their computers previously.

While this was going on, Jinoi and his friends started a crazy game of Fifa. Jinoi’s friend took on the other 3 boys on the TV and the twin’s father decided to get in on the action. With dad in the mix, Jinoi and his buddy were able to defeat their other crazy friend who immediately demanded a rematch when the game ended.

Meanwhile, Jenaya and her friends started a dance competition on the middle of the trailer. 4 of the girls would dance, and one would be the judge, who would determine a “dance champion” each round and tell them why they rocked. The girls showed off their crazy moves, and Th3 Doctor even got in on a few rounds, usually losing to one of the much more skilled dance participants.

Jenoi and a few of his friends had attended a Game Asylum party in the past, and Th3 Doctor and Th3 Avenger were both in attendance. Now, at this party, the kids had a second chance to take on Th3 Avenger at Call Of Duty and Smash bros (he did well in Call Of Duty, but lost to charmander in Smash), and yell along with Th3 Doctor throughout the party. Th3 Doctor is known for bringing out the crazy in kids across the tri cities, and this party was no exception. The boys were raging out so hard over Call Of Duty at one point, that she even had to get them to do breathing exercises to calm down. By the end of the party, the trailer was exhausted and ready for pizza, which was waiting for them in the house.

An amazing, crazy, fabulous party all round.

Minecraft Murder

    When Th3 Doctor and Th3 Patronus opened the door for Adam and his friends, there was a mad dash for Minecraft. The boys were clearly skilled at the game, and established that they wanted to build a combat arena pretty quickly.

    Th3 Doctor, using her Minecraft powers, went through the saved files until she came across the old Minecraft Thunderdome map from Minecraft camp this past summer.

This map was a huge hit with the camp kids, and now, 4 11 year olds had the chance to experience its glory. After about 5 minutes of messing around and opening chests, the boys grew tired of using the map the expected way. They jumped into lava pools and started hitting each other – much like any typical Minecraft day in the trailer.

Unlike other groups however, the boys were old enough to understand alliances… and how to break them. For an hour and a half, the boys ventured across the Minecraft flatworld finding villages and commandeering supplies. They were playing on Minecraft survival mode, and had to choose carefully who they chose to trust in such a hostile and unforgiving environment.

One boy was getting ganged up on by the other three, but then he stumbled across a village and the other boys were offering him trades in return for his resources. Minecraft can be a ruthless game sometimes, and betrayal was rampant in this world. Promises were made and broken. The boys were laughing, and yelling, and even letting out war-calls once in a while, but who could blame them?

It was a way of playing Th3 Doctor had never seen, and gave new definition to the word “trolling”.

After a good hour and a half, the boys started getting tired of killing each other, and moved on to a trailer wide game of Super Smash Bros. Because there were only 6 boys, Th3 Patronus and Th3 Doctor were able to play as well. It was a fitting way to end such a combat based birthday.

Th3 Doctor – Zombie Slayer From Another Time

Th3 Doctor comes from a time and a place far away from this world. Unbeknownst  to many who enter, The Game Asylum trailer is actually a time machine. A former party hero, Th3 Spartan, was out in the trailer one day and just so happened to visit Th3 Doctor’s time stream. Unfortunately for Spartan, she was not aware that an entire horde of flesh eating zombies were waiting for her when she opened the trailer door.

    Th3 Spartan had forgotten her trusty Minecraft sword at home, and thought that all hope was lost for her. The zombies were closing in fast and she could barely keep the trailer door closed, let alone use the time traveling trailer to its full potential. Just as a zombie hand managed to claw its way inside, Spartan saw the rest of the zombie’s body fall away. Zombie crys echoed across the vast planetary landscape until there was nothing left but silence.

Were the zombies dead?

More importantly, what had killed them?

Th3 Spartan knew there was only one way to find out.

She swung open the trailer door to reveal Th3 Doctor, holding a gleaming glowing wiimote at her side, which was now slightly covered in zombie blood. Zombie bodies lay scattered around her, some of them still groaning quietly.

“Who are you?” Spartan asked, stepping out of the trailer towards the mysterious stranger.

“I’m Th3 Doctor. Does your trailer have zombie games in it?”

And just like that, Th3 Doctor became a Party Hero at Game Asylum. Fighting zombies in Left 4 Dead was a lot like fighting the zombies on her home planet. The Flood characters in Halo looked like some of her nasty next door neighbours, and she thought Call Of Duty zombies were cute looking compared to what she was used to.

Coming to our space and time, Th3 Doctor has adapted well, but still has trouble on foggy days. She’s ready at any moment for a zombie to come busting through the bushes, and carries her deadly wiimote weapon with her at all times. At parties, she uses it to dance, race, and play Super Mario 3D world, but when and if the zombie apocalypse ever comes to Earth – she’ll be ready.

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Mario Party Chaos

Braving the blowing snow and bumpy roads, The Doctor and The Avenger made their way out to Nathan’s Mario themed birthday party. Donning their Mario and Luigi hats, they led the excited kids into the truck after a long day of school.

Within minutes, there was a massive game of Super Smash Bros going on, with 8 kids playing on one screen. The boots and hats came off and the screaming began, as Nathan kicked some serious butt with his favourite character, Luigi. Doctor Mario, Greninja and Metaknight all came into play as well. For a Mario party, things got pretty loud pretty fast.

Some of the other boys took a chance playing the new Mario 3D world game for the WiiU and had a good laugh over trolling Nathan’s older brother. Every time he would try and use an item in game to unlock things, the other boys would steal the items and smash them against the walls. Lucky for the boys, Nathan’s brother was a trooper about the whole experience, and took everything in jest.

Mario Parties at Game Asylum also include Mario Kart, and a few of Nathan’s friends were exceptionally skilled at the game. Those who were not ended up having fun anyways, falling off ledges and bragging about their epic in game wipeouts.

Mario Party 9 also came into play, as Nathan look a break from Smash Bros to battle with 3 of his friends in a quest for stars and Mario glory. Unfortunately for him, Bowser (Mario’s evil nemesis) had other plans, and right at the end of the game switched the player in last place to first. Everyone playing felt cheated except for George – who was now in first place in a very difficult game of Mario Party.

Just when our Party Heroes thought things couldn’t get any more crazy, Nathan decided to start a Smash Bros match with everyone playing Sonic as their character. This led to 5 different variations of the same character duking it out. For the most part, the boys couldn’t figure out which character was their own on the screen as they all looked the same. It was chaotic and hilarious and a fantastic way to wrap up an already wonderful Mario party.


Spitfire has, and always will be all about the crazy classics. She’s always up for a game of Mario Kart, and will kick anyone’s butt in Super Smash Bros that dares to cross her. Her favourite video game character of all time however, is Ganandorf. For a lover of all things Link and Zelda related, the super villain of the game resonates especially well with Spitfire.

While she is technically seen as a Party Hero by Game Asylum and her colleagues, Spitfire is the one that turns a regular party into a crazy party – and her attitude is infectious. A room full of calm, well behaved children becomes a crazy, screaming mass of video game craving zombies! But a crazy party is what Spitfire works best at, and once the kids are in the trailer, she is able to channel that crazy energy into their Game Asylum experience.

Have you ever played Mario Kart with your eyes closed? No? Well Spitfire will challenge you to try.

Ever played a character in Smash that you don’t even know how to pronounce the name of? You should try it!

Spitfire is all about trying new things, crating memorable new experiences and helping kids get out of their video game comfort zones. Game Asylum as a whole is a big believer in helping kids be the best gamers they can be. If kids want to dance, Spitfire will dance like crazy with the kids until they need to sit down and take a break. If they complete a personal challenge they’ve set out for themselves upon entering the trailer, Spitfire is the first one to congratulate them on their achievements.

While she may consider herself the “Anti-Hero” of Game Asylum, everyone else working here knows that she is secretly the most wonderful and creative person you could ever hope to meet.



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