Undead Asylum – A Zombie Party for the Ages

    There is only one day of the year that an Undead Asylum zombie party is TRULY an Undead Asylum zombie party, and that is on Halloween. Cassandra and Trinity probably had this in mind when they booked Game Asylum for, not their birthdays, but a Massive Halloween Zombie Themed Bash. The two girls had to sacrifice both of their birthdays for the event, so the Party Heroes knew it had to be special.

    When the Hero’s pulled up curbside, the house was completely decked out for Halloween. The girls were dressed to impress in their most creative (and terrifying!) costumes. Zombie dolls and an undead bride were followed into the trailer by a genie and a girl who had Smarties glued to a pair of jeans (Smartie Pants).

     Some of the girls hadn’t played much in the way of zombie shooters, but took quickly to the genre with games like Left For Dead and Call Of Duty – Zombie Mode. Trinity, the older of the girls, spent the party with her friend Kate playing Left For Dead. The two girls battled their way through horde after horde of the invasion, and worked together as a team to reach the Safe House of each game chapter. Trinity had a nasty habit of accidently “Startling The Witch”, which in zombie terms means “Ensuring your in-game Death”, much to Kate’s dismay. Still, the girls managed to finish an entire zombie campaign during the party, including the boss level and only have one of their team members die in the process. Fortunately, it was neither of their characters, so to them, it was a victory.

    Cassandra took some time playing a variety of games during the party, but ultimately settled on Call of Duty – Zombie Mode with 3 of her friends. This game is not easy, and the girls worked tirelessly together as they leveled up and kicked some serious zombie butt. Everyone in the trailer would know exactly when one of the girls encountered a new zombie, as they would scream and yell, showing off their battle cries.

    Overall, an Undead Asylum any day of the year involves the very best of zombie slaying, but having Cassandra and Trinity’s on Halloween really added that special spooky touch.