Th3 Smile

Some call him Smiley, some call him Smile, but everyone knows that Th3 Smile is the craziest and happiest Party Hero of them all!

Growing up, Smile was your typical class clown. He made his fellow classmates laugh during even the most boring of math lessons, and even the teachers liked having him around. During recess, Smile would lead massive games of tag, hide and go seek, and dodgeball all across the playground. He brought his happy attitude with him wherever he went.

Smile was the guy you came to for the best snack trades, the smartest trading card advice, and of course – the best and the newest in video game news.

Smile had mastered Mario before any of his friends. His NHL skills on and off the ice rivaled that of the actual players. He was a leader and an innovator and commander of everything fun and exciting.

When Just Dance starting picking up in popularity, Smile realized that he needed to get involved. When they auditioned dancers he knew he had to try out. More specifically, for the song `Happy` by Pharell Williams. It was an homage to everything that he stood for! Smile aced the audition and landed the main dancer part. If you`re ever playing Just Dance 2015, you`ll see him showing off his happy moves!

As he grew up, he also got louder and his booming voice and happy attitude made him a perfect fit for everything Game Asylum. He is the ultimate kid at heart and brings out the best in both his fellow Party Heroes, and the kids he meets at parties.

Want to be as happy as Smile? All you need is a little bit of fun and a little bit of Game Asylum magic!

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