Surprise Parties @ Game Asylum

When the Game Asylum Party Heroes set out to celebrate Dominic’s birthday, they had no idea it was a surprise party. One they found out from his mom however, a whole new level of excitement came about.

The Party Heroes set up quickly, and then waited outside the truck for Domenic to arrive home from school. Once he did, the smile that lit up his face was one of the biggest the Party Heroes had ever seen.

Domenic had been to Game Asylum parties before, but when he asked to have Game Asylum for his birthday his parents had said no. Little did he know they planned an entire video game themed birthday for him and Game Asylum was the main surprise attraction! (

There are many different ways kids react to seeing the trailer and the best reactions are those at surprise parties. Domenic’s was an Asylum Mixer – an assortment of games from the Game Asylum library, but themed parties tend to add even more to the surprise.

Heroes dressed as Mario and Luigi burst in and surprise the birthday boy or girl and their friends for our Super Asylum World theme. Halo masks come out for Ultimate Asylum theme, and for Asylum Craft themed surprise parties – Party Heroes don their giant Minecraft themed Steve or Creeper head when they enter the party house. Undead Asylum parties are even more impressive as surprise parties, as Party Heroes tell the guest of honour that they are responsible for leading the charge against the zombie invasion!

There are a lot of things that set Game Asylum apart from other video game related birthday options but one of the big things is our focus on themed parties. It helps kids work towards common goals in groups. Teamwork is massively promoted by Party Heroes, and those children who work together and accomplish the themed goals that Party Heroes set have a better chance of winning The Asylum Cup – a coveted trophy that the winning children get to take photos with at the end of the party.

Surprise parties are just another way to enhance the party experience, for party goers and Party Heroes alike.

Trolling and Teamwork

    Teamwork is something that we emphasize heavily at Game Asylum.

    Anyone can sit in front of a TV and play video games, but at Game Asylum, we want to get kids working together – whatever the style they choose to work together may be.

For James and his friends, they showed off their teamwork skills with some classic survival Minecraft exploration. The boys at his party mined all over their world, stuck together when they needed to and went out on their own when it called for it as well. Eventually they found red-stone, lapis, and gold. Such is the power of teamwork between friends. Who knows if the boys would have been so successful sitting at home playing the game by themselves.

Two other boys were playing Mario 3D World together on another tv and demonstrating some of the strangest teamwork our Party Heroes had ever seen.

One of the boys was a skilled veteran at the game, and the other had never played before. At some points, the game forced them to work together and at these points the boys excelled. However, at every opportunity the boys sabotaged each other’s game. ( Usually this would phase our Party Heroes, but these boys seemed to work better together when they could “troll” each other into oblivion.

Mario 3D is a great game that emphasizes teamwork and working together for certain goals. However, it is also extremely easy to sabotage your teammates, making it very tempting to do so – especially for 8 year olds who go to school together.

When one of our Party Heroes tried to join the game, the boys turned their wrath on her. Instead of trolling each other, they started picking up her character and throwing her off cliffs! It didn’t take long for her to rage quit, which made the boys laugh even harder than when they were killing her in the game. (

All in all, a party that emphasized teamwork – in all its strange and crazy shapes and forms.

Mario Party Chaos

Braving the blowing snow and bumpy roads, The Doctor and The Avenger made their way out to Nathan’s Mario themed birthday party. Donning their Mario and Luigi hats, they led the excited kids into the truck after a long day of school.

Within minutes, there was a massive game of Super Smash Bros going on, with 8 kids playing on one screen. The boots and hats came off and the screaming began, as Nathan kicked some serious butt with his favourite character, Luigi. Doctor Mario, Greninja and Metaknight all came into play as well. For a Mario party, things got pretty loud pretty fast.

Some of the other boys took a chance playing the new Mario 3D world game for the WiiU and had a good laugh over trolling Nathan’s older brother. Every time he would try and use an item in game to unlock things, the other boys would steal the items and smash them against the walls. Lucky for the boys, Nathan’s brother was a trooper about the whole experience, and took everything in jest.

Mario Parties at Game Asylum also include Mario Kart, and a few of Nathan’s friends were exceptionally skilled at the game. Those who were not ended up having fun anyways, falling off ledges and bragging about their epic in game wipeouts.

Mario Party 9 also came into play, as Nathan look a break from Smash Bros to battle with 3 of his friends in a quest for stars and Mario glory. Unfortunately for him, Bowser (Mario’s evil nemesis) had other plans, and right at the end of the game switched the player in last place to first. Everyone playing felt cheated except for George – who was now in first place in a very difficult game of Mario Party. (

Just when our Party Heroes thought things couldn’t get any more crazy, Nathan decided to start a Smash Bros match with everyone playing Sonic as their character. This led to 5 different variations of the same character duking it out. For the most part, the boys couldn’t figure out which character was their own on the screen as they all looked the same. It was chaotic and hilarious and a fantastic way to wrap up an already wonderful Mario party.