Halo 4 – Brother vs. Brother

Sibling birthday parties.

Something our Party Heroes are all used to at this point.

Because the Game Asylum trailer can hold up to 16 kids all playing at once, it is often hard for one child to find 15 people worthy of an invite. Having a double birthday party happens at Game Asylum every once in a while and those parties tend to get pretty crazy.

None however, as crazy as the one for Galin and Rogan. Only 2 years separated the boys, and their competitive spirit was apparent. Th3 Doctor picked up on this, and saw that they had requested Halo 4 as one of their party games. This game allows for local connectivity – which means all the kids in the trailer can be playing in the same world at once!

Galin and his friends were the blue team and Rogan and his friends were red. They sat on opposite sides of the Game Asylum trailer and prepared for in game battle.

Most groups that Game Asylum has playing Halo enjoy a variety of different game types but Galin and Rogan ONLY wanted the teamed matches. Capture the Flag, King of the Hill and Gryphball to name a few. Essentially, any game type that promoted working together and beating up the other team.

Game Asylum has very strict rules about bullying and real world violence. Essentially, that they are both unacceptable. The nice thing about video games is that they allow for kids to beat each other up in the virtual world without ever laying a finger on each other in real life. This party was a great example of brother versus brother in the saf

est way possible. Not only that, but the boys and their teams were evenly matched!

When one team won, the other would get mad and fight extra hard together in the next round.

When one game mode wasn’t going well, it was switched up and improved upon until even the neighbours down the street could hear the boys battle cries.

At Game Asylum, we believe that there isn’t anything wrong with a little sibling rivalry – as long as it’s taken out in a safe and virtual way among friends J

Surprise Parties @ Game Asylum

When the Game Asylum Party Heroes set out to celebrate Dominic’s birthday, they had no idea it was a surprise party. One they found out from his mom however, a whole new level of excitement came about.

The Party Heroes set up quickly, and then waited outside the truck for Domenic to arrive home from school. Once he did, the smile that lit up his face was one of the biggest the Party Heroes had ever seen.

Domenic had been to Game Asylum parties before, but when he asked to have Game Asylum for his birthday his parents had said no. Little did he know they planned an entire video game themed birthday for him and Game Asylum was the main surprise attraction! (

There are many different ways kids react to seeing the trailer and the best reactions are those at surprise parties. Domenic’s was an Asylum Mixer – an assortment of games from the Game Asylum library, but themed parties tend to add even more to the surprise.

Heroes dressed as Mario and Luigi burst in and surprise the birthday boy or girl and their friends for our Super Asylum World theme. Halo masks come out for Ultimate Asylum theme, and for Asylum Craft themed surprise parties – Party Heroes don their giant Minecraft themed Steve or Creeper head when they enter the party house. Undead Asylum parties are even more impressive as surprise parties, as Party Heroes tell the guest of honour that they are responsible for leading the charge against the zombie invasion!

There are a lot of things that set Game Asylum apart from other video game related birthday options but one of the big things is our focus on themed parties. It helps kids work towards common goals in groups. Teamwork is massively promoted by Party Heroes, and those children who work together and accomplish the themed goals that Party Heroes set have a better chance of winning The Asylum Cup – a coveted trophy that the winning children get to take photos with at the end of the party.

Surprise parties are just another way to enhance the party experience, for party goers and Party Heroes alike.

Shamus & His NHL All Stars

    Hockey teams are guaranteed chaos for Game Asylum, and often have our Party Heroes playing referee to 4 NHL games at once.

    This past Friday night, Th3 Doctor and Th3 Phoenix were called out to celebrate Shamus’s birthday, along with his entire hockey team. The Game Asylum trailer can accommodate up to 16 kids all playing at once, but Shamus had a few extra friends, which just added to the chaos. ( While most of the boys played NHL 15, 4 boys on the center TV raced through the intense streets of the Blur universe, adding car sounds to the hockey sounds that filled the trailer.

Later on in the party, the boys loaded up the Winter Classic, and played some intense NHL games in the virtual snow. Shamus dubbed himself “King of the Trash Talk” on top of his Party Hero given title “King of the Trailer”, and boy did he ever take his title seriously!

From pulling the other teams goalie, to trash talking his team to victory, Shamus made sure that everyone knew that he was king for the day. It is every birthday boy or girls right to take full command of their Game Asylum party, and it was awesome to see Shamus doing so.

Трохи про казино Космолот

Грати в онлайн казино можно легко й просто виконавши у Космолот вход в личный кабинет. А через багато каналів ви можете зв’язатися з їх командою. Найефективнішими з них є їх живий чат і телефон, які працюють цілодобово та без вихідних, і ви отримуєте дуже швидку відповідь.
Звичайно, він також має довідкову електронну адресу та адресу, якщо ви традиційний і віддаєте перевагу пошті. Жарти вбік, але в казино Космолот дуже легко знайти відповіді на ваші запитання чи вирішення ваших проблем.
Крім контактних каналів, тут є обширний розділ довідки, наповнений дуже корисними матеріалами.

For the awards ceremony, the boys cheered loud and proud for their team mates, often hugging and patting each other on the back after each award was announced. NHL and hockey teams go together like peanut butter and jelly, and after such a high energy party, the boys were amped up and more than a little proud of their accomplishments.

Group photos were more than a little bit nuts as well, and made for some memories that will no doubt last Shamus and his family for a lifetime. May his NHL pursuits continue to be successful, and full of trash talk!

Th3 Doctor – Zombie Slayer From Another Time

Th3 Doctor comes from a time and a place far away from this world. Unbeknownst  to many who enter, The Game Asylum trailer is actually a time machine. A former party hero, Th3 Spartan, was out in the trailer one day and just so happened to visit Th3 Doctor’s time stream. Unfortunately for Spartan, she was not aware that an entire horde of flesh eating zombies were waiting for her when she opened the trailer door.

    Th3 Spartan had forgotten her trusty Minecraft sword at home, and thought that all hope was lost for her. The zombies were closing in fast and she could barely keep the trailer door closed, let alone use the time traveling trailer to its full potential. Just as a zombie hand managed to claw its way inside, Spartan saw the rest of the zombie’s body fall away. Zombie crys echoed across the vast planetary landscape until there was nothing left but silence.

Were the zombies dead?

More importantly, what had killed them?

Th3 Spartan knew there was only one way to find out.

She swung open the trailer door to reveal Th3 Doctor, holding a gleaming glowing wiimote at her side, which was now slightly covered in zombie blood. Zombie bodies lay scattered around her, some of them still groaning quietly.

“Who are you?” Spartan asked, stepping out of the trailer towards the mysterious stranger.

“I’m Th3 Doctor. Does your trailer have zombie games in it?”

And just like that, Th3 Doctor became a Party Hero at Game Asylum. Fighting zombies in Left 4 Dead was a lot like fighting the zombies on her home planet. The Flood characters in Halo looked like some of her nasty next door neighbours, and she thought Call Of Duty zombies were cute looking compared to what she was used to.

Coming to our space and time, Th3 Doctor has adapted well, but still has trouble on foggy days. She’s ready at any moment for a zombie to come busting through the bushes, and carries her deadly wiimote weapon with her at all times. At parties, she uses it to dance, race, and play Super Mario 3D world, but when and if the zombie apocalypse ever comes to Earth – she’ll be ready.

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