Spitfire has, and always will be all about the crazy classics. She’s always up for a game of Mario Kart, and will kick anyone’s butt in Super Smash Bros that dares to cross her. Her favourite video game character of all time however, is Ganandorf. For a lover of all things Link and Zelda related, the super villain of the game resonates especially well with Spitfire.

While she is technically seen as a Party Hero by Game Asylum and her colleagues, Spitfire is the one that turns a regular party into a crazy party – and her attitude is infectious. A room full of calm, well behaved children becomes a crazy, screaming mass of video game craving zombies! But a crazy party is what Spitfire works best at, and once the kids are in the trailer, she is able to channel that crazy energy into their Game Asylum experience.

Have you ever played Mario Kart with your eyes closed? No? Well Spitfire will challenge you to try.

Ever played a character in Smash that you don’t even know how to pronounce the name of? You should try it!

Spitfire is all about trying new things, crating memorable new experiences and helping kids get out of their video game comfort zones. Game Asylum as a whole is a big believer in helping kids be the best gamers they can be. If kids want to dance, Spitfire will dance like crazy with the kids until they need to sit down and take a break. If they complete a personal challenge they’ve set out for themselves upon entering the trailer, Spitfire is the first one to congratulate them on their achievements. (https://pragermetis.com/)

While she may consider herself the “Anti-Hero” of Game Asylum, everyone else working here knows that she is secretly the most wonderful and creative person you could ever hope to meet.



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