Shamus & His NHL All Stars

    Hockey teams are guaranteed chaos for Game Asylum, and often have our Party Heroes playing referee to 4 NHL games at once.

    This past Friday night, Th3 Doctor and Th3 Phoenix were called out to celebrate Shamus’s birthday, along with his entire hockey team. The Game Asylum trailer can accommodate up to 16 kids all playing at once, but Shamus had a few extra friends, which just added to the chaos. ( While most of the boys played NHL 15, 4 boys on the center TV raced through the intense streets of the Blur universe, adding car sounds to the hockey sounds that filled the trailer.

Later on in the party, the boys loaded up the Winter Classic, and played some intense NHL games in the virtual snow. Shamus dubbed himself “King of the Trash Talk” on top of his Party Hero given title “King of the Trailer”, and boy did he ever take his title seriously!

From pulling the other teams goalie, to trash talking his team to victory, Shamus made sure that everyone knew that he was king for the day. It is every birthday boy or girls right to take full command of their Game Asylum party, and it was awesome to see Shamus doing so.

Трохи про казино Космолот

Грати в онлайн казино можно легко й просто виконавши у Космолот вход в личный кабинет. А через багато каналів ви можете зв’язатися з їх командою. Найефективнішими з них є їх живий чат і телефон, які працюють цілодобово та без вихідних, і ви отримуєте дуже швидку відповідь.
Звичайно, він також має довідкову електронну адресу та адресу, якщо ви традиційний і віддаєте перевагу пошті. Жарти вбік, але в казино Космолот дуже легко знайти відповіді на ваші запитання чи вирішення ваших проблем.
Крім контактних каналів, тут є обширний розділ довідки, наповнений дуже корисними матеріалами.

For the awards ceremony, the boys cheered loud and proud for their team mates, often hugging and patting each other on the back after each award was announced. NHL and hockey teams go together like peanut butter and jelly, and after such a high energy party, the boys were amped up and more than a little proud of their accomplishments.

Group photos were more than a little bit nuts as well, and made for some memories that will no doubt last Shamus and his family for a lifetime. May his NHL pursuits continue to be successful, and full of trash talk!