Minecraft Murder

    When Th3 Doctor and Th3 Patronus opened the door for Adam and his friends, there was a mad dash for Minecraft. The boys were clearly skilled at the game, and established that they wanted to build a combat arena pretty quickly.

    Th3 Doctor, using her Minecraft powers, went through the saved files until she came across the old Minecraft Thunderdome map from Minecraft camp this past summer.

This map was a huge hit with the camp kids, and now, 4 11 year olds had the chance to experience its glory. After about 5 minutes of messing around and opening chests, the boys grew tired of using the map the expected way. They jumped into lava pools and started hitting each other – much like any typical Minecraft day in the trailer.

Unlike other groups however, the boys were old enough to understand alliances… and how to break them. For an hour and a half, the boys ventured across the Minecraft flatworld finding villages and commandeering supplies. They were playing on Minecraft survival mode, and had to choose carefully who they chose to trust in such a hostile and unforgiving environment.

One boy was getting ganged up on by the other three, but then he stumbled across a village and the other boys were offering him trades in return for his resources. Minecraft can be a ruthless game sometimes, and betrayal was rampant in this world. Promises were made and broken. The boys were laughing, and yelling, and even letting out war-calls once in a while, but who could blame them?

It was a way of playing Th3 Doctor had never seen, and gave new definition to the word “trolling”.

After a good hour and a half, the boys started getting tired of killing each other, and moved on to a trailer wide game of Super Smash Bros. Because there were only 6 boys, Th3 Patronus and Th3 Doctor were able to play as well. It was a fitting way to end such a combat based birthday.