Megatron – Rockband Rockstar

Most know of Megatron in regards to Transformers – a towering beast of a robot whose sole purpose in life is to rule and destroy. However, the Megatron of Game Asylum has a very different set of beliefs.

Megatron grew up in a small community outside of Toronto. Her mother and father raised her with strong beliefs that encouraged her to do her best at school, and work with her peers using teamwork and good sportsmanship. Megatron had always been special, and the other kids in her school looked up to her for her amazing teamwork abilities and how fantastically skilled she was at the game Rockband.

As Megatron got older, her Rockband skills got even better and a couple of her friends would come over every night to play with her. Eventually, they decided to team up and form a REAL Rockband, calling it “Mega-Rock”.

Megatron was the lead guitarist, and the band drew crowds all over the world. Because they were so great working together and writing amazing music, they eventually got signed to a record label.

The night that “Mega-Rock” was scheduled to record their very first track for their very first album, a horrible accident occurred. A truck carrying an entire shipment of the new Rockband game fell over on the highway, right onto Megatron’s tour bus. Everyone in the band was okay – except for Megatron.

They rushed her to the hospital, but no one knew how to save her. Just then, a chilly wind blew through the ward, and Th3 Patronus appeared at the end of Megatron’s hospital bed.

“Don’t worry guys. Luckily, Megatron has me looking out for her.”

And with that, Th3 Patronus waved her arm over the bed and disappeared.

Miraculously, Megatron sat up.

“What happened” she asked groggily.

When the doctors explained, Megatron had no idea who the ghostly apparition was or why she was looking out for her, but she wasn’t going to ask too many questions. She was just happy to be alive and able to rock out once again.

“Mega-Rock” eventually disbanded, but Megatron still found a way to feed her Rockband addiction – hosting rockin Game Asylum parties for kids all over the tri-cities!


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