Th3 Smile

Some call him Smiley, some call him Smile, but everyone knows that Th3 Smile is the craziest and happiest Party Hero of them all!

Growing up, Smile was your typical class clown. He made his fellow classmates laugh during even the most boring of math lessons, and even the teachers liked having him around. During recess, Smile would lead massive games of tag, hide and go seek, and dodgeball all across the playground. He brought his happy attitude with him wherever he went.

Smile was the guy you came to for the best snack trades, the smartest trading card advice, and of course – the best and the newest in video game news.

Smile had mastered Mario before any of his friends. His NHL skills on and off the ice rivaled that of the actual players. He was a leader and an innovator and commander of everything fun and exciting.

When Just Dance starting picking up in popularity, Smile realized that he needed to get involved. When they auditioned dancers he knew he had to try out. More specifically, for the song `Happy` by Pharell Williams. It was an homage to everything that he stood for! Smile aced the audition and landed the main dancer part. If you`re ever playing Just Dance 2015, you`ll see him showing off his happy moves!

As he grew up, he also got louder and his booming voice and happy attitude made him a perfect fit for everything Game Asylum. He is the ultimate kid at heart and brings out the best in both his fellow Party Heroes, and the kids he meets at parties.

Want to be as happy as Smile? All you need is a little bit of fun and a little bit of Game Asylum magic!

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Th3 Doctor – Zombie Slayer From Another Time

Th3 Doctor comes from a time and a place far away from this world. Unbeknownst  to many who enter, The Game Asylum trailer is actually a time machine. A former party hero, Th3 Spartan, was out in the trailer one day and just so happened to visit Th3 Doctor’s time stream. Unfortunately for Spartan, she was not aware that an entire horde of flesh eating zombies were waiting for her when she opened the trailer door.

    Th3 Spartan had forgotten her trusty Minecraft sword at home, and thought that all hope was lost for her. The zombies were closing in fast and she could barely keep the trailer door closed, let alone use the time traveling trailer to its full potential. Just as a zombie hand managed to claw its way inside, Spartan saw the rest of the zombie’s body fall away. Zombie crys echoed across the vast planetary landscape until there was nothing left but silence.

Were the zombies dead?

More importantly, what had killed them?

Th3 Spartan knew there was only one way to find out.

She swung open the trailer door to reveal Th3 Doctor, holding a gleaming glowing wiimote at her side, which was now slightly covered in zombie blood. Zombie bodies lay scattered around her, some of them still groaning quietly.

“Who are you?” Spartan asked, stepping out of the trailer towards the mysterious stranger.

“I’m Th3 Doctor. Does your trailer have zombie games in it?”

And just like that, Th3 Doctor became a Party Hero at Game Asylum. Fighting zombies in Left 4 Dead was a lot like fighting the zombies on her home planet. The Flood characters in Halo looked like some of her nasty next door neighbours, and she thought Call Of Duty zombies were cute looking compared to what she was used to.

Coming to our space and time, Th3 Doctor has adapted well, but still has trouble on foggy days. She’s ready at any moment for a zombie to come busting through the bushes, and carries her deadly wiimote weapon with her at all times. At parties, she uses it to dance, race, and play Super Mario 3D world, but when and if the zombie apocalypse ever comes to Earth – she’ll be ready.

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Spitfire has, and always will be all about the crazy classics. She’s always up for a game of Mario Kart, and will kick anyone’s butt in Super Smash Bros that dares to cross her. Her favourite video game character of all time however, is Ganandorf. For a lover of all things Link and Zelda related, the super villain of the game resonates especially well with Spitfire.

While she is technically seen as a Party Hero by Game Asylum and her colleagues, Spitfire is the one that turns a regular party into a crazy party – and her attitude is infectious. A room full of calm, well behaved children becomes a crazy, screaming mass of video game craving zombies! But a crazy party is what Spitfire works best at, and once the kids are in the trailer, she is able to channel that crazy energy into their Game Asylum experience.

Have you ever played Mario Kart with your eyes closed? No? Well Spitfire will challenge you to try.

Ever played a character in Smash that you don’t even know how to pronounce the name of? You should try it!

Spitfire is all about trying new things, crating memorable new experiences and helping kids get out of their video game comfort zones. Game Asylum as a whole is a big believer in helping kids be the best gamers they can be. If kids want to dance, Spitfire will dance like crazy with the kids until they need to sit down and take a break. If they complete a personal challenge they’ve set out for themselves upon entering the trailer, Spitfire is the first one to congratulate them on their achievements. (

While she may consider herself the “Anti-Hero” of Game Asylum, everyone else working here knows that she is secretly the most wonderful and creative person you could ever hope to meet.



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Th3 Phoenix

Like others of her kind, Th3 Phoenix was born from the ashes. The ashes of The Game Asylum Phoenix however, were 8-bit pixelated ones, and at the foot of a gigantic Mario volcano.

From a very early age, Th3 Phoenix realized that she had a gift unlike any of her friends; Her powers over fire not only affected the real world – but the video games that she played as well. Mario games seemed especially vulnerable to her attacks. When Th3 Phoenix acquired a fire flower in Mario Kart and used it on those ahead of her, their karts spun out of control, caught fire, and disintegrated around them – disqualifying them from the race! When she played Mario 3D world, Bowser ran from her character in fear. Even the king of evil in the Mario Kingdom knows when he is outmatched.

During her interview for Game Asylum, Th3 Phoenix demonstrated her insane gaming abilities and beat her interviewer so badly that the Wii they were playing on caught fire. She was hired on the spot.

Phoenix has been working at Game Asylum for years now, and she knows everything there is to know about how to do the job, and have fun while doing it. She also loves NHL, and always beats the boys who underestimate her abilities. During team parties, she can be heard above even the loudest of players cursing the referees and egging on her teammates.

If you’re lucky, Th3 Phoenix will school you in the ways of Mario Fire Power and Ultimate Hockey Hero strategy. Just make sure you’re wearing fireproof gloves when gaming with her or things might get too hot to handle – literally!

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Th3 Jester

Th3 Jester is the oldest and longest standing member of the Game Asylum team. If you mention to a child around the tri-cities a “tall skinny guy driving the Game Asylum truck” they will probably remember him.

Th3 Jester is all about goofy fun and games, hence his name. His mother was a trapease artist on The Moon and his father was a ventriloquist, inspiring him to pursue a similar path. He can balance things on his face, impersonate even the most difficult of accents, and juggle up to 10 flaming swords at once. While this might seem fun and entertaining to the average onlooker, Th3 Jester takes his skills very seriously. He trained for 15 years growing up in the mountains of Japan, perfecting his balance and agility. At 2 years of age, he had already matched his teachers best time at ball balancing. The only reason he didn’t surpass it, was because he needed a diaper change.

As a Party Commander, Th3 Jester knows better than anyone how to get kids engaged. He can make any game, regardless of style or age, fun. His favourites are the racing games, such as Blur and Mario Kart and Diddy Kong is his racer of choice in the lather. He is also a professional Minecrafter, and errs on the side of destruction in his play style. He finds fun in the idea of blowing up his fellow Party Heroes’ houses – a true Jester if there ever was one.

Th3 Jester also has extensive knowledge of the Game Asylum equipment, and once had to shrink down to microscopic size to go inside one of the Xbox360’s and repair a loose connection. Unfortunately, when he returned to normal size, the machine accidently stretched him out a bit, hence his current tall skinny appearance. He still regards the experience as a positive one, as now he can reach higher up than any other Hero, and fit into the narrowest of spaces.

Game Asylum is all about bringing our customers the Best Birthday Parties ever, and the fun and shenanigans that Th3 Jester brings along with him to every party that he attends become a massive part of that experience – for children and parents alike.

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