Asylum Mixer Theme

Available Games

We’ve selected the most popular multi-player games and combined them with our interactive Asylum Mixer theme to create an exciting party experience focused on the Guest of Honour’s favourite games! You are able to choose 4 games.

Video Game Mixer Party
Game(s): Choose any 4 games from our massive collection
Asylum Rating: Ages 6-16+
Recommended # of Players: 4-16

This is the most hectic Game Asylum party program. We let you choose your 4 favourite games and we assemble a program specifically tailored to you! Think you can dance? We’ve got you covered with over 100 Just Dance songs. Want everyone in the trailer playing one giant game together? We can link all 4 TV’s in a massive 16 player Halo arena! Our Party Heroes will guide you through whatever crazy combination of games that you chose. The sky’s the limit!

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