Adventures in Lucas Land

Sometimes at Game Asylum, we get requests for something special. Our Party Heroes are not only fantastic at their jobs, but also fantastic at accommodating for special requests. In the case of Lucas and his Minecraft party – he wanted to be challenged.

Lucky for him, his mother booked Game Asylum and in doing so, she booked the very best. When The Doctor and The Patronus showed up at Lucas’ house, they had a full list of challenges for the boys to complete that tested their current Minecraft knowledge and survival skills to the limits.

First, there was a Player versus Player warmup on a map our Party Heroes called “Lucas Land”. It was every Minecraft Man for himself, as the boys spent 10 minutes gathering resources and building bases. There were 7 chests filled with random supplies hidden across the island-style map that the boys took note of, but couldn’t open, during their preparation. Once the 10 minutes was up, the chaos began. ( Lucas picked the second best gamer at his party to play with, and it posed him a challenge in combat. When all hope seemed lost for him, he opened a chest and a bow and arrow was there to help him out. He needed to gather wood from the only tree left on the island, but his friend was guarding it with his life. Lucas used his bow and arrow, snuck in as best he could and let out one of the best battle cries our Party Heroes had ever heard in the trailer. Unfortunately, his friend had seen him coming and attacked him before he could mine his precious Minecraft tree.

The Minecraft carnage ended when one person on each TV had 10 kills under their belt. Then came part 2 of the amazing party – the scavenger hunt. (

The boys worked together in pairs, and used tons of Minecraft strategy to acquire the items on their scavenger hunt lists. Boys who had previously been chasing each other around maps with swords and pick axes were now hunting and mining together. The boys took the scavenger hunt very seriously, and ultimately, everyone did very well.

At this point, the boys played The Creative Challenge, which was of Lucas’ creation. They gathered their resources in the creative mode of Minecraft first, (which essentially meant that each boy had on full diamond armor) then built massive strongho0lds for protection. The combat style for this round involved a LOT more Minecraft TNT and exploding cows!

Overall, the boys left the party feeling challenged and accomplished – something that Lucas had been looking for when booking with Game Asylum that the Party Heroes were happy to deliver.


Minecraft player versus player in full diamond armor.