Call of Duty Chaos

Call of Duty is a game that tends to get requested by those birthday boys and girls in the double digits. It is a maturely rated game that involves a lot of shooting and violence, but also allows kids to develop their gaming skills in a unique and fast paced atmosphere along with their friends.

This weekend, Domenic invited Game Asylum along for his 13th birthday and Call of Duty was on everyone’s mind.

Because it was a smaller party with 7 boys, Th3 Jester was able to hook 4 of the TV’s into one giant trailer wide game. Each Call of Duty screen can host 2 players, so the boys had lots of room to watch the action unfold on their respective TVs. (Diazepam) (

Domenic was well versed in Call of Duty etiquette, and put his friends (and Th3 Jester) through many of the game’s unique play modes. From Gun Game; a mode where you get better and better guns every time you make a kill, to Domination; where the boys captured flags and held their ground in 2 teams.

The real highlight of the party however, was when Domenic decided to let the boys go completely nuts and hosted a massive free-for-all game to 100 kills. A half hour of button mashing and trigger pulling later, the birthday boy and one of his friends were leading the pack, with their scores separated by a mere 6 kills. Domenic, being the skilled Call of Duty player that he is, got to 99 kills and then stopped. He wanted to show off his 360 No-Scoping trick shot and had to line it up properly.

In the time it took for Domenic to line up the shot however, his friend caught up in points and ultimately won the game. The other boys went NUTS.

Th3 Doctor announced to the boys that in Call of Duty, you should “Never Give Up Your Dreams of Glory” which led to even more yelling and laughing.

It’s always nice when you can learn life lessons from a Game Asylum Party Hero… and Call of Duty.