Hockey Havoc

It is rare to come across a group of 11 year old boys who not only play and enjoy hockey games – but dance games as well. This was exactly the case this past Tuesday when The Doctor and The Avenger attended Brett’s 12th birthday celebrations.

Game Asylum is all about having fun, being crazy, working together, and being The Best Gamer You Can Be. Staying true to yourself is a big part of that. Brett and his hockey friends were not afraid to show their true colours throughout his party, while still on their best behaviour. (Clonazepam) A rare and wonderful combination for our Party Heroes!

The first half of the party was NHL 15 across all 4 TV’s, and the second half was supposed to be Call Of Duty. However, the boys were so into their hockey that only a few TV’s changed over. Competitive spirit drove the boys through their hockey games and led to many in game hockey fights. Battle crys of success and anguish were heard from one end of the trailer to the other, as boys scored points and gained penalties in their respective games.

The Avenger paired up with Brett against two of his friends, and did his best to aid The King Of The Trailer in his hockey conquests, however, the two were beaten by AJ – a hockey pro who later went on to beat two other of Brett’s friends in another game. Avenger prides himself on his hockey skills, and to be taken down by AJ was a large blow to his ego. Luckily, Brett was there to make some birthday rules, as he instructed the opposing team to pull their goalie. This led to a few hilarious defensive plays and a few even more hilarious goals. When Brett scored he would run to the other side of the trailer, band on the back door screaming and run back – gathering high fives along the way. Hockey is a serious game!

At about the half way mark, some of the boys changed to Call Of Duty, and some of the boys stayed playing hockey. A third group decided to challenge The Doctor to a few dance battles. She prides herself on her Just Dance abilities, and the boys had to step up their game to keep up. At one point, the song “Let It Go” from Frozen came on and all of the boys in the trailer (led by Brett) sung their own rendition along with the game. It was a beautiful moment for everyone involved.

Seeing such a happy, goofy, fun group of boys playing hockey and dancing together was amazing. Even more amazing was that despite their craziness, they were respectful and well behaved – a true sign that they are growing up into mature adults who will no doubt do great things. But for now, here’s a video of Brett and his friends singing “Let It Go”.



Game on boys!