Design Asylum – The Creative Side of Gaming

One thing that sets Game Asylum apart from our competitors is out party themes. We have themes that cater to many different age groups and play styles that suit any birthday boy or girl’s taste. That being said, there is always room for change and improvement.

At our Minecraft camp this summer, Party Heroes noticed that the creativity of the campers never failed to amaze and inspire. Minecraft is a game about building and being creative with virtual blocks, and the creations are only limited by the players imagination.

Around the same time that Minecraft camp was going on, a game called Splatoon came out. This game involves the creative use of paint guns and balloon popping to ultimately defeat the other player. Another game with a similar style of paint based creative mayhem, Da Blob, fit with the underlying theme of using ones imagination and creative skill competitively. Add in Boom Blox, a game that involves a lot of blocks and a lot of strategic explosions and you have the newest Game Asylum theme – Design Asylum.

It always amazes our Party Heroes how smart kids are. Giving them challenges and goals seems to really push the limits of their creativity. That is ultimately what this theme is all about and the amount of satisfaction kids get building a giant minion in minecraft blocks, or covering an entire city in paint before anyone else is amazing.

There is also the added bonus with this theme of a take home for the birthday child. A massive paint covered poster that all the guests can sign, draw on, and write messages on throughout the party makes for a fantastic keepsake and a fun activity for the kids between games. As hard as it is to pull a child away from a game, giving them free creative reign of a giant poster seems to be competitive for their attention.

If one is looking for a creative birthday party, look no further. Design Asylum has you covered.