Banana Minecraft Mania

Tuesdays are always a busy day at Game Asylum. When gamers come running home after a busy day and our giant fun filled video game trailer is there waiting for them, they often can’t wait to hop aboard – especially when the trailer contains enough Minecraft to have the boys thinking in blocks for days after the party ends!

When our Party Heroes pulled up at Jason’s house, they were greeted by happy screams and yells from the party guests and a relived sigh from Jason’s mom. The boys counted down the minutes until the Party Heroes had everything set up, and screamed along with the intro. Many of Jason’s guests had been at previous Game Asylum parties, themed mostly with our Asylum Craft (Minecraft Theme), and knew exactly how things went. One boy, had partied with one of our Party Heroes, The Doctor, 3 times previously and hugged her when he realized she was there.
Many parents love Game Asylum because we offer a way for them to entertain their child for their birthday and all of their friends without having to leave the house. These kids were like a ball of energy, and when the Party Hero’s asked them if they were ready to play video games the kids let out their loudest battlecrys and ran at the trailer like their shoes were on fire.

This particular party was an Asylum Mixer, though Jason was all about Minecraft. The boys on his TV started out with classic Minecraft Hunger Games, which is a player versus player style of play. It was Jason and his best friend versus two of the other boys, and they built security bunkers to keep each other out. Truces were made and broken within minutes, and the other kids in the trailer even came over to watch the action. Eventually, the boys had enough of fighting each other, and changed over to the more peaceful, Creative Mode of Minecraft play, where they built amazing structures and tamed horses.

Some of the boys that were less into Minecraft, spent the party playing 8 player Smash Bros. One of the boys had some serious skill at the game, and the others decided to team up and try and beat him. Even with the help of the Game Asylum Party Heroes, they were unable to take the master down, and at the end of the party, he ultimately won the Game Asylum Cup, along with two of the other boys.

A running theme through the party was “bananas”, and one of the boys wanted to be called “Rainbow Banana” through the party. Usually the Party Heroes get the kids to yell GAME ASYLUM for their last party photo, but because these kids loved bananas so much, they did their last photo a little bit differently…


(click below to check out Jason and his friends at the end of his party!)